Non tempered light piano. No-key-board allows pianists to play a non tempered continuum surface where at each finger's position corresponds an oscillator or a midi signal.


service 1

No keys

Continuum piano

service 2

Sound generation

Sound generation with openFrameworks

service 3

Finger detection

Open cv libraries


Non temperated continuum light piano

project 1


It's simply composed by a semitransparent plexiglass plane, a led strip that enlight the plane from the side and a tripod where the web cam sits

project 1


The plane is composed by a a thin plexiglass sand down until it gets semitransparent

project 1


The webcam reads the position of the hand that is processed from the software

project 1


The software reads the image from the web cam and transforms the image in binary according to the red layer. One function of openCV calculates the center and areas of the white spots. The horizontal position corresponds to the frequency and the area to the volume.

project 1


The software can use the internal soundcard and produce sine and square waves with up to twelve harmonics. Otherwise it is possible to use a midi output or an osc controller.
Optional is: quantization, portamento, envelope.